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    I think VB05 is cool, I've been playing around with the beta for some time now....

    One thing which I didn't really figure out fully in VB6 is calling win32 API's... Had a quick look under VB 2003/2005, still don't get it!

    I want to change the system sound level on a PC between predefined times.

    I want to do this because my home system is never switched off and at night when a system sound event occurs, it wakes people in the house hold.

    I did suggest this on MSDN Product Feedback see here.

    Does any one want to help out?

    I think it would be a great extension to My.Volume=off or My.Volume.Level = 10...... Suggestions welcome.

    Since seeing the video regarding the new sound and control support in Vista, I can see why this hasn't been put into dot net 2.0. Does anyone know if this is managed code?

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    Just wanted to say thanks Paul for all the community work you're doing and all the work the VB team put into making VB 2005 the great tool that it is!

    Thanks also for the plug mentioning my "VB's Mojo is Back" blog post. It's nice to know that at least one person read that post. Tongue Out

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    VB.Net is great, but the biggest thing still holding it back with the large majority of the VB community is the problem of converting important complex VB6 apps to VB.Net.

    I just ran one very important app I wrote through the VB6 to VB.Net evalution app and it estimated a cost of over $132,000 in man hours just to convert it to VB.Net.

    When it comes to converting complex VB6 apps to VB.Net there is still nothing available that works worth a flip.  In many cases it would take more time to fix an app converted with the conversion utility than it would to totally rewrite the app in VB.Net from scratch.

    With virtually no upgrade path for existing complex VB6 apps, no wonder so many long time VB developers feel they have been totally abandonded.

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