Raymond Chen - PDC 05 Talk: Five Things Every Win32 Programmer Needs to Know

Play Raymond Chen - PDC 05 Talk: Five Things Every Win32 Programmer Needs to Know
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We did a hand recording of Raymond Chen's presentation yesterday at the PDC. Sorry for the shaky cam, we didn't have our tripod, but we had a few requests from Channel 9'ers to record this (it'll be our only actual PDC session recording).



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The Discussion

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    Didn't Raymond Chen say he *never* wants to be on video/TV; he ever had an entire blog post about why.... :O
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    Well its hard for him to maintain an aire of Anonymity when hes doing a talk in front of hundreds of people, so I guess a few thousand  more online won't make much difference.

    "Don't worry about this guy, he's just here to annoy me!"
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    Not trying to sound like an (I need to watch my language) but has anyone got a good echo-remover for WinAMP / WMA? You can only trim off so much with the graphic equaliser and some of it is in the 600 ~ 2k range along with his voice. Also if you have the PDC slides that would be great too. Smiley
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    There's even a theory that he isn't real

    ...so he is actually young!!!... I'm sure hundreds of people (including me) wondered for a long time what he looked like... I thought we would be more the (oldie) big fat kind of guy...
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    Raymond's an amazingly cool guy. And I can confirm that he is in fact a person, not a posting bot. Wink
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    Am I crazy or did Microsoft have recordings of most of the sessions at PDC 03? How come they didnt do it this time?

    This was really entertaining, considering it was about Win32 programming thats saying something.
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    Nice that this was made available, but next time try have a mic - it is easier to lipsync the audio from another source than to cancel those echos.

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    Manip wrote:
    have the PDC slides that would be great too.

    All session materials are available at http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/content/downloads.aspx

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    They recorded all the sessions. I'll try to find out if we can use any of those here. I used my camcorder so that I wouldn't have to ask and so that I could get you the recording faster.
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    I turned down bass and turned up treble. That cleared up the echo quite a bit.
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    lots of people would like to see Raymond debugging technique...

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    Jamie Curtis

    The video isn't that bad - I was watching the recording in the session and it looked "uncomfortable" - what a dedicated videographer - thanks Scoble!  Raymond Chen is simply a great speaker and I am thankful he is talking about some very important details surrounding the Windows environment.  Keep up the great work!

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    Message to Mr. Scoble -

    I'm hard of hearing; this video was pretty much a complete loss for me because of the poor audio. I think I made a similar comment about another video in your mudpit a few months back.

    If you were to add subtitles or get wireless mics and put them near speakers mouths, it would make a BIG difference for people like me!

    Too bad; I'm a big fan of Raymond's stuff. I would have loved to be able to understand what he was saying!
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    Wow. That was an awesome video.

    I'm sure he wouldn't like me saying it... but, what a guy!!

    Love the blog too, great work.
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    The Channel 9 Team
    Quax: we'll have professionally recorded sessions up soon.
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    Patric J
    Hows it going with the professionally recorded session?

    My C# blog: C# Coach
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    The title of this video is intriguing but can someone summarize the 5 things so I don't have to spend over and hour listening to booming audio?
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    I belive that he has covered some of the topics in his blog. I don't know if there's a summary anywhere or not. This is the post where he first annouced it:
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    Ok, on the cheap sound..........This guy has a wireless mike right....
    At the sound board use a Y adapter to feed the wireless to the soundboard and a wireless guitar feed ( that way you have a 1/4 feed) then feed the reciever to  your cam corder...  yea kinda bulky to move real easy,  but that way your sound is direct from the mike and not the room mix.

    This would cost about 70 bucks.....ouch.....I know.....
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    I too would value a recording with better audio.  Raymond has a bunch of important stuff to say and I avidly read his blog, but I just couldn't watch this whole video b/c I can't understand what he is saying over the very exho-ey, and painful audio. 
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    Argh.  The video is down.

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