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    This is a lot like the Flock browser, I dont do blogs, I dont think I will either but I like the idea of being able to talk to people in real-time on the same page, that ios on of the features right?

    But is this just for blog pages, what about websites, I'd like to get this in IE and surf to any page and chat.
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    Another great video!

    I had heard about The Working Network via Scott Watermysysk.  However, the website right now doesnt' get the points across as well as Robert's interview.  This helps me understand that I need to keep a close eye on happenings at The Working Network.

    The Community Bar is fantastic!  It will be a great addition for Web browsing, tagging, and communication.  I can't wait to use it.

    Perhaps plans are already underway to hook this up with other new things like Live.  That will be fun!

    Great job on The Working Network!
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    Very cool stuff! I'm not sure if I can handle the fire hose of data this will bring, but I'm willing to try. Big Smile

    Oh and please try to get Vista Rocks up on Channel9! I had discovered it about 2 weeks before I left MSFT. They do a great job of showing features and are quite entertaining. I'm sure it would have to be edited though.

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