Rusty Deschenes - Developing on the VS Core Team

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    I could not understand much from the video... what are flavors?
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    Sorry, I couldn't really follow this video either. Besides the fact that the audio was low, Rusty's voice was so subdued (does he have a cold?) that I ended up bailing out early. Also, I don't think there was a clear enough explanation upfront about the subject matter. In my case, I'm not familiar with project flavors and along with the technical problems, I couldn't follow along well enough to figure it out. Oh well!
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    You can get the latest version of the Visual Studio SDK from MSDN <>. In that SDK you can find the sample Rusty walks me through under the name ProjectSubtype.

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    Two important video tips:

    (1) Use a tripod whenever possible (especially when pointing the camera at a computer screen)

    (2) The *interviewer* should appear on camera at least once in the beginning.  It makes the interview seem more like an interview as opposed to an interrogation.

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