Sanjay Parthasarathy and Ben Riga - Healthcare demo of Windows Presentation Foundation (AKA Avalon)

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    That's compelling - I'm sold on Avalon now

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    Michael Griffiths

    I foresee an exceedingly large number of painfully badly designed user interfaces.

    Remember HTML? XAML is almost as easy as HTML. In some cases, easier.

    3-5 years to get past the first roadblock of horror.
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    With great power, comes great responsibility, Michael.  Wink
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    How about the source code for that bad boy? Cool
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    lol the ending is great =)
    seriously though its good to see how the new "blue sky" technologies really can make a difference Wink
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    John Melville-- MD
    SuperRob wrote:
    With great power, comes great responsibility, Michael. 

    This video is a perfect example of this.  The designer's decision to shade pink under the line of the EKG makes the EKG completely uninterpertable.  (EKGs need to be drawn with the thinnest line possible in order to pick up the subtle blips that can be very significant.)

    I realize this was more to show off the power of the system and will not be used for real medicine, but it demonstrates the danger of an unrestrained designer.
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    Im amazed! Simply AMAZED!
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    This was good, but it seemed old. He referred to it as Longhorn, I really like the graphics stuff, when will you get more mr. scoble
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    Inking on video!  That is too cool.
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    :O Hey!  That's pretty cool.  This wasn't supposed to get posted until after PDC but I guess you guys are getting a sneak peek. Smiley

    The video was actually recorded at the Microsoft Worldwide partner conference in July.  The code has progressed somewhat since then but you'll have to wait until PDC next week to see that!  Wink

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    Where can we get the source code? This would help my project so much!

    Email it to me if you find it!

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    I'm waiting anxiously for it.

    The video shows the great potential avalon has but I'm afraid it also suggests the huge requirements for a computer  to run the aplication.
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    So, have you guys dealt with HIPAA yet? LOL

    What you really need to work on is convincing ALL doctors to stop handwriting prescriptions. Make them type them out.

    Blast it...those were some of the ideas I wanted to use for my new programming IDE...flip out panels (in 3-D).

    Must work faster on this...

    That's okay...I was building a music application back in the mid eighties that had sliding visual panels in it, so, I'll find a way to leap ahead again.  Hang tight.

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    Very interesting video.
    Great  job guys! Smiley
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    Still anxiously waiting for that source code... I thought it might appear on Ben's or your blogs.  Smiley
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    Rob Relyea
    Just blogged with details about my talk, where to get the code, etc...

    Sorry it took so long.

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    Rob Relyea
    As part of my PDC talk (PRS305 - Lap Around Windows Presentation Foundation) next Tuesday afternoon, I'll be building most of that application using Visual Studio and Mobiform Aurora (a 3rd party visual designer).

    I plan to cover many concepts that are needed to build that application.

    Shortly after that, I'll be releasing my version of the application in source code form.  Stay tuned...
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    The source code is now online! I found it at
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    Rob Relyea wrote:
    Just blogged with details about my talk, where to get the code, etc...

    Sorry it took so long.


    Thanks again Rob.  I just love that flip animation.  (I just didn't want to have to do that myself)  Big Smile 
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    This is great news for me and others, the medical avalon app is magic ,,,,,I love this also very rich in alll areas, Im getting into this development deeper......Avalon gets a cheers from me.Wink


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    this medical-app is a great example...why NOT to use avalon or even web-services. where is the reason to handle critical patients data /w 3d-animated chart-folpping documents or using the "full power"(=100%cpu-time?) and even popping up the mediaplayer! a medical application has to be reliable, reliable, reliable and not to be dependent on the idea which server is online, by the time you need the data. the security-demand is an issue for itself.

    you don-t want this app to crash b/c you had to "play /w some fancy coder-ui". the amount of real data that a med has to handle is vast. and although he wants it real-time it is more important that the information he gets is accurate! playing /w vector-graphs is not helpful for physicans. a "five-nines"-server-reliablility is not enough for a patient when it comes to matters of life and death where sometimes seconds count.

    if you like to demo the capabilities of your apps, and want to sell them, use less sensitive examples.

    this comment was ment as a polite but sincere contrib.


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    I have a problem regarding the LAB you provided, when i try to build the solution 6 errors occur all the same stating:

    "Unknown build error, 'Method not found: 'Void System.Windows.ThemeInfoAttribute..ctor(System.Windows.DictionaryLocation, System.Windows.DictionaryLocation)'.'  C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Desktop\PRS305_Relyea\Lap\MyApp.xaml Lap"

    I have the following applications installed on my machine:
    - Visual studio 2005.
    - Microsoft windows SDK (the latest version December release)
    - WinFX runtime components 3.0 beta 2
    - Visual studio 2005 extension for winFX

    So if anyone can help me with this issue i will be more than grateful

    Thank You!

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    Very nice demo,

    I have to disagree with some of the previous posts that physicians do not care about interface. I'm a Medical Software vendor, and I'd say that they care about the interface very much. There is a perceived "difficulty of use" when the interface is poorly designed. As long as key functionalty is there, interface is one of the most important factors whether users admit it or not. I'm not sure how much animation is overkill, but visual cues are important to usability.

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    I have downloaded source code of this application but it is not running on Feb CTP of WinFX.
    I have installed Visual C# Express Edition, Feb CTP of WinFX, Extionsion and Windows Interactive Designer. I have also changed code with "XAML Converter" (a tool which i have downloaded from internet which converts XAML old CTP code to Feb CTP code). And this tool has changed its starting XAML code like 2005 bla bla to 2006.

    Can anybody tell me what should I do?
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    BuckyBit wrote:

    this medical-app is a great example...why NOT to use avalon or even web-services. where is the reason to handle critical patients data /w 3d-animated chart-folpping documents or using the "full power"(=100%cpu-time?) and even popping up the mediaplayer!

    Gotta agree here (except for the web services part--for interoperation between separate health care organizations, web services are the way to go).

    I used to work at a health care software company.  The majority of users used our application via Citrix, many even running at 256 colors.  I don't think that WPF is good for these scenarios.

    Plus, this application is such a simplification of what real users need from a health care software package--how would this model app look if it actually had as much functionality as a real app?  (The app I used to work on? It makes VS 2005 look barren by comparison.)

    Maybe these types of simple apps are ok for practices with 1-5 physicians.  But for larger customers or hospitals, it wouldn't cut it.

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    Is this available as a demo?  Is there a higher resolution video available - I would love to be able to show this to a group of my colleagues (I work in the health care field) but its a bit tough with the current video as it will be pretty grainy up on a projector.

    Chris Woodill

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