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    Intreasting that they are pitching more talks at the 400 level.  Was just watching .NET show and this comment summs up what I would really like to see

    "Yes, and I think that's a first lesson is that in MSDN now, we explain here's how to raise an event, here's how to use the APIs, but we don't have articles on when to raise events, what events should you have, what should the contents be, where to log them, when to think about what goes in the event log, what's tracing, what's debugging? People are just left on their own to sort it out."

    Wish I was going, hope all the talks are posted online again, would pay for access to them!

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    Orbit86 wrote:
    first post woohooooooooooooooo
    Don't post this kind of sh!t
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    PerfectPhase wrote:
    ... I would pay for access to them!
    sshhhhh .... !  Smiley
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    You hit the point I wanted to ask thoughs in the know at Channel9 - How much of the PDC sessions and will be webcasted/streamed?

    One thing that I was amazied by in the last two years was that ATI (yes the graphics card company) have used Microsoft's Media Services/Producer to build a web-presentation/webcasts with the session slides (in powerpoint format) that automatically roleover to the video stream of the presentations. This allowed people who couldn't attend GDC (Gamers Developers Conference) to not miss the valuable content.

    Have previous years PDC's leveraged the web to have streaming webcasts of the sessions? If so where are the URLs so I can review them?

    Will this years PDC have these web-presentation/webcasts (so people who can't attend can see some content?)
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    Bonk - thanks for the (great) questions. The short answer: We've been thinking alot about those specific topics. At the PDC we'll talk about the best paths for existing unmanaged apps and new managed apps, regarding how to take advantage of Longhorn, or "Light Up" on Longhorn, as we put it. This will be new information (as compared to PDC03). We will not be saying that you need to rewrite everything in managed code, in particular.

    Regarding your last question, re: Avalon & Multimedia - I'll ask someone to follow up on this thread with some guidance.

    Thanks - see you in LA?!?
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    A great percentage of softwarecompanies out there that do applications for windows have mainly an unmanaged win32 codebase. 
    I think a very important topics related to Longhorn  for the PDC is how their developers can get ready for Longhorn and WinFX. I know several softwarecompanies (including myself) who currently look into that topic. Questions like this are in our focus:
    • What do we need to to with our codebase to get "Longhorn ready"? Should we port everything to .net now? ( Smiley ) Should we continue on the unmanaged road? What are best practises for combining those two worlds (win32/MFC and WinFX)?
    • What approaches are there to give our existing win32/MFC applications an avalon GUI? How can we achieve that with the least effort and what is the suggested approach?
    • What possibilities are there to code for Longhorn with the win32 API? What enhancement of the win32 API for Longhorn will there be and what are best practises to use them?
    I am aware of the fact that there have been attempts to answer all of the above questions (PDC 2003 and some blogposts). But its partly outdated and there is much more left to know. So thats what I would like to see at the PDC.

    Also I am very intereted in how to leverage Avalon for Multimedia authoring applications like video/audio editing tools or imaging applications. Generally software that creates or modifies Media. Am I going to use Avalon just for the GUI and for displaying the media or could I maybe use Avalon types to modify the media? Maybe I should rather have some unmanaged dlls that do the hard work?

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    scellini wrote:
    Regarding your last question, re: Avalon & Multimedia - I'll ask someone to follow up on this thread with some guidance.
    That'd be really great .  I can provide you with a lot more indepth issues, open questions and problems we (I) ran into - if needed Smiley
    scellini wrote:
    Thanks - see you in LA?!?
    Well that's up to you (whether you will find my "blogmywaytothepdc"-article worthy) and up to me (whether my creativity will suffice). I sure start to long for L.A. ...

    P.S. Just curoius (looking at your avatar)  - does there already a xaml exist internally for that "PDC logo"
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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Shmuelpro wrote:

     Steve, since Bonk already brought the subject up I was wondering if you will be introducing Managed DirectShow at the PDC or is that supposed to come later?

    I was told by tom miller on #manageddx on efnet that there probally wont ever be a a managed directshow. To my understanding that wouldn't really make sense. Writing filters in .net is not a good idea. They are however looking into alternatives (I heared).

    EDIT: Since directshow is COM you can however use the interfaces (almost) without any pain in .NET. Also there are some projects that try to wrap them for .net.
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    The PDC 2000 was in Orlando, FL.  This was the best PDC I ever attended.

    The PDC 2001 was in LA.  It was kind of a repeat of PDC 2000 from a content standpoint.

    The PDC 2003 was in LA again. We got our 1st peak at Longhorn and the latest on Whidbey.

    PDC 2005 is in LA again. I am obviously looking forward to it (Can't wait), but a different destination would be desirable. The session list looks great.

    HINT: Go back to Orlando.


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