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Steve Winfield heads the US System Builder team and is a lot of fun. Check out "Black Comb" and "Longhorn" in his office and meet Victor Mux. We sit down for a short chat about the community of companies and people that build systems that run Windows. The OEM System Builder site is here.



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    The Discussion

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      Kinda good video showing Microsoft campus. Kind of enjoyed this more than the Steve video to be behonist... Smiley
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      A longer one is coming in a few minutes. Smiley
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      Orbit86 wrote:
      okay good. btw, seeing that to be on the System Builder team you have to be a texan is Discrimination(nationality)..

      plus smart people don't come from the south ;0

      We are thinking about starting up a Head Start program to bring non-Texans up to speed...  Smiley
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      Andre Da Costa
      Why are the videos upside down green?
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      Andre: what player are you using? Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? I'm not seeing that behavior on any of our systems here.
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         Hey Us BOBs dont get enough respect.

      As one that works in a small retail shop, Yes its very hard to beat the big guys at the price point. Its even harder when the customer only cares about the price point, and is willing to drive 2 hours just to save $10 on one item. Iv been thinking of making a "How to build a PC and Install Windows" Website on my own so I can point people to it when they have questions on how to do things.

         I see too many people fry motherboards and CPUs "NIce magic smoke", who say they know what they are doing, then blame me for selling faulty parts. Sad

         I wana work there. Wink

      How about a vid at the HCL labs, I have always wanted to get a idea of what kind of testing goes on there.

      Oh the OPK is a great tool.
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      Andre Da Costa wrote:
      Why are the videos upside down green?

      scobleizer wrote:
      Andre: what player are you using? Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? I'm not seeing that behavior on any of our systems here.

      This happens to me all of the time.... I'm using WM10 on a tosh m200, with 2gig off ram.

      I stop the video and then start it again, which sometimes fixes it.

      The video of Scoble did this, so I downloaded it, and it worked.

      I think it's a streaming issue......

      Anyone else?
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      Hmmm...I haven't had any issues with my machine built by a System Builder... Tongue Out

      (Just kidding...)

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      Nice video, how much will it cost to recieve a OEM Action Pack?

      I am unable to find the pricing on the OEM website. Only see that registering is free and the level wich gives you the action pack requires a fee. And before we get a $600 bill and I have my boss screaming #$@#$#@$ at me about what I did this time.
      I work at a shop where we use the OEM 3-packs to build pc's and this action pack would comes in handly for giving demo's of Microsoft products.

      We once tested the use of preinstall with the 3.5" disk and the preinstallation cd, which worked great.

      Is is also allowed to use the w2k3 from the action pack as sus server for the windows updates? (I read something about sus in the whitepaper about OEM preinstall if I am correct.)

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      Thanks for watching the show.

      As long as you are a registered partner (which is free), you can sign up for an action pack for $299 (renewing after your year is up only costs $199) at  In fact, technically it is ONLY for registered partners.  Certified partners already get software through their partnership and the Action Pack software is not supposed to be combined with other partner offerings.

      Also, there is no problem using the WS2003 from the Action Pack for your Windows Update.

      See ya,
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      The cost of OEM is basically the same for everyone.  The advantage of being registered as a System Builder is getting access to a ton of resources that will help in the preinstallation process and making money as a System Builder.
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      Loved the Feed,
        Putting SystemBuilding on the map like that. Cool, the only way to go.

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