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Does your code go 218 m.p.h.?

The code on this project goes that fast and faster. In October we traveled to meet the Target Indy Race Team (Chip Ganassi Racing) to find out how the Target team uses the technology.

OK, OK, a Microsoft employee, Eric Maino got us tickets and introduced us to the team. We knew the Target team uses lots of Microsoft stuff, so we were very fortunate to get into the garage and other behind-the-scenes areas.

The interview starts in the garage. It got a bit noisy, sorry about that (keep watching, the interview starts at about 1:30 after we stop and start). You meet Brad who's an engineer on the team.

More than 30 sensors on each car spits out tons of data on each car on all sorts of things. How high the car is off the ground (all four wheels). Fuel flow. Speed. Temperatures of tires and brakes.

Oh, and show this one to your kids! This will get them to go to University. You don't get on this team without a technical college degree.

Later, at about 33:00 you'll meet the race engineer. He runs the entire team from a Tablet PC.

There's actually three videos in this series. This one, an interview with the driver, and a look at the equipment in the pits.

Sorry these took so long to get to you. We had some troubles encoding the video off of our new HD camcorder.

We want to thank the Target Race Team (Chip Ganassi Racing). They treated us very well and gave us access every kid dreams of.



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The Discussion

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    Sven Groot
    The aspect ratio on the download version is wrong.
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    I can confirm that, its 4:3 and not 16:9.......looks completely odd. Luckily zoom player allows you to manually switch aspect ratios regadless of what the video is encoded in. Wheres the feature in WMP btw?

    Another thing, you guys should really work on the encodings. Makes that hd camcorder kind of a waste, doesnt it? If you download some other stuff from the internet the quality is alot better at about the same bitrate. Channel9 vids just seem kinda blocky. I dont know. Are you using 2pass at all? Perhaps offer two versions for download. Hey, its HD, so allow me to download the vids in WMV HD 720p. Isnt microsoft in the business of trying to convince people that hdtv is totally worth it. Convince the geeks first by letting them watch fellow geeks show off code in might just be able to read it all, hehe.

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    Sweet videos, gay looking car. Is a woman driving that or what?

    - Steve
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    The cars were pink and white this year to support breast cancer.

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    *Steve 411 pulls head out of a$$*
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    @the_corona: FYI, the aspect radio changer is in Tools->Options->Devices, then select display and change the properties. It's a bit fiddly, yes, but it's there and I use it all the time.

    But I do agree with you, I have a nice fast connection at work and the videos that are on Channel9 could look a lot better if the bandwidth was utilised a bit more. Although I'd probably have the IT guy jumping on my head for killing his bandwidth!

    All in the name of geeky entertainment! Big Smile

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