Tetsuo Seto - Demonstrates Tablet PC multilanguage features

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Tetsuo Seto, Tablet PC team's East Asian program manager, demonstrates the new Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005's ability to recognize handwriting done in multiple languages.

We've also filmed this demo with Tetsuo talking in his native Japanese tongue.

For those who don't know, if you are a Chinese or Japanese writer, using a pen is easier than using a keyboard. Here's Tetsuo showing how you can mix Chinese, Japanese, English, or a number of other languages all in the same document.



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The Discussion

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    Very interesting.  You guys have put a lot of work into it.  It is exciting to see the tablet format being extended to reach more users.

    Will this feature include any right to left capabilities such as for Hebrew and Arabic?

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    Looks really cool, the mulitlanguage stuff is fantastic, would be the right thing when I go to study Korean Big Smile So please  Toshiba bring an updated M200 for a decent price and I will run in the store Big Smile
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    Thats really fantastic, unfortunaly there isn't Portuguese(European) language. When can we (portuguese users) have our language ?


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