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Tomas Palmer and Tolga Acar - Crypto in Windows Vista

25 minutes, 51 seconds


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How do you keep your secret stuff secret? Cryptography. Tomas Palmer and Tolga Acar sit down with Joe Smith for an interesting interview.


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  • vishalraovishalrao Vishal Rao

     Good stuff Smiley

  • rjdohnertrjdohnert You will never know success until you know failure
    Will this Crypto schemes be backwards compatible for thiose of us that will be working in environments consuisting of Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Why doesn't the Tech evangelist guy let the crypto guys answer the questions themselves. I think he is annoying.
  • vishalraovishalrao Vishal Rao
    Dunno if this is the blog they were talking about :


    The URLs are supposed to have been mentioned during the PDC...

  • No promises or dates yet but I am planning to take CNG down to XP and Windows Server2003.


  • Here are our blogs


  • Now is your chance to ask questions
  • vishalraovishalrao Vishal Rao
    Question: Who are you, littlebear? like Scoble would say in his videos Smiley

    Any biometrics stuff coming?

    I remember seeing one of those mice (Seimens ID-Mouse?) with a fingerprint reader which you can use to login to your Windows account...

    Maybe some .NET APIs to load/store/compare your fingerprints?

    Or will you need to purchase separate (costly) SDKs from the device manufacturers?

    PS: Posting this from a "5219" PC Smiley  sans Glass Sad
  • Good stuff...thanks
  • We have really starting beefing up the biometric side of things. Look for something a little down the line though. Biometric is cool but most of the stuff out there is more for convenience and not security and the vendors need to come to agreement with each other
  • Krpyto-guys are the coolest. Those guys are the real number-crunchers. r-e-s-p-e-c-t. But they must have a hard time selling their stuff since users are still divided in those two groups: informed(=using crypto on a daily bases) and uninformed(=krypto-what?)

    I have a question:

    How far away do you see quantum-crypto from Luser-Usability?
    There has been some "proof-of-concept"-articles, but I don-t remember where I've read them. Is it even allowed to use it? b/c the us-gov/NSA can-t spy thru some hidden api-s when you use quantum-crypto. ?

  • It is beyond the white-paper stage. There are a number of dev/research groups (non-Microsoft) scattered around the world working on this.
    Judging from requests for information it is safe to assume some planning to write plug-ins for CNG  for Windows

  • phph
    Some good information, but not the kind of detail I was expecting...lots of time spent on the very basics of crypto, which is not what those of us who know about crypto and are looking for some details of how crypto will work in Vista are looking for.
  • clovejoy wrote:
    Why doesn't the Tech evangelist guy let the crypto guys answer the questions themselves. I think he is annoying.
    I agree with you. He should really get his act together and give the mike, so to speak, to the person(s) he is interviewing instead of always laughing and making jokes.

    I stopped downloading any video made by Scobble some time ago and I thought I'd try this one since crypto is something I'm very interested in. Very infuriating when you have interesting guests that can't answer for themselves.
  • http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/seccrypto/security/cng_reference.asp

    The CNG documentation is now available on MSDN.   
    Note that some APIs may change slightly between now an Vista release.

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