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When we went over to London for vacation this summer we took our camcorders and got a tour of Microsoft's research center in Cambridge, England.

Here's who you'll see:

Mitch Goldberg, Senior Programme Manager
14:00 Richard Black, Researcher, talks about networking research that will show up in Windows Vista.
26:40 Ralf Herbrich and Thore Graepel Xbox Research. These guys play games as part of their research. How fun!
41:20 Peter Key, Senior Research, gives us a tour, talking about what kinds of research is being done. We also compare Oxford to Cambridge (Peter went to Oxford).
46:13 Ken Wood. He runs the computer mediated living group. They have sociologists and psychologists looking at the human side of computers.
58:66 we meet the rest of Ken's team.
01:06:20 Natasa Milic-Frayling, integrated systems research. Lots of interesting research in user interaction and how people use software to use the Internet. She gives an interesting demo of information browsing improvements at 1:13:00.
01:17:33 Steve Hodges. Hardware researchers. This guy has tons of cool hardware in his lab.



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