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Wix team: The most used piece of software at Microsoft (and it's open source!)


Right click “Save as…”

What piece of software is used in Windows, Office, MySQL, and many other places? The Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset.

But even better, did you know it's open source? And, did you know that it is developed by an all-volunteer team.

It's developed after hours, come along and meet the team and attend one of their developer meetings.

Rob Mensching's blog talks more about it too.

Sorry about the bad video right at the beginning.

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  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT
    Sorry I don't have anything to say about the content yet. Going to watch it later after we went out to the city (Queensday in Holland).

    Until then: I posted after stupid
  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT
    edit: Sorry, first I really had to make sure I was the second poster, then I edited it to make my point, and after that I noticed your comment as well, honestly. BTW, you edited as well Smiley
  • I posted after stupid and the evil editor...

    PS - This post was NOT edited as suggested below...

  • ZeoZeo Channel 9 :)
    I checked channel9 earlier this morning....grr...now to watch the video.Big Smile
  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    blatzcoder wrote:
     I posted before Zeo!

    Big Smile Haha, LOL of the day!
  • great video guys, thanks.

    MS please buy InstallShield/Macrovision.
  • Windows isn't used more?!?!
  • Robert, is WiX team and/or VS team working on a somekind of IDE that output WiX code (XML)? or a integration of WiX in future versions of VS?
  • leroyleroy I don't need no stinkin' avatar...
    WiX is an awesome toolset - we used it all the time at my previous workplace. Kudos to those guys for a great tool.
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    IRenderable wrote:
     Windows isn't used more?!?!

    To use Windows you have to install it. So WiX is used more. Smiley
  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    Against false advertising.Smiley
    Wix is not easy to use, especially to a MSI beginer, but I found it's not really hard to use after read "WiX is a very developer oriented project" from Wix document...well, skip it if you don't know what I mean.
  • Ion,

    Justin is continuing to work on Votive (which is the Visual Studio integration package that is a part of the WiX toolset) and improve it... including more IDE-like features.  I'm sure he'd love help to speed the development of IDE-like features should you care to join him.  <smile/>
  • Leigh, I would encourage you to keep checking back on the WiX toolset.  While the WiX v2 toolset does have a fairly steep learning curve, we're doing work in WiX v3 to reduce the learning curve.  You can see our first couple experiments in ClickThrough and heat.

    You can also see how the WiX toolset is showing up as the platform for other tools to create their installation packages.  I expect this trend will grow such that you'll may end up using the WiX toolset and not even know it.  Well, I think that'd be cool.  <smile/>
  • Ion, why buy InstallShield when we have WiX?  <wink/>
  • leighsword wrote:
     Against false advertising.
    Wix is not easy to use, especially to a MSI beginer, but I found it's not really hard to use after read "WiX is a very developer oriented project" from Wix document...well, skip it if you don't know what I mean.
    leighsword, why do you think that WiX "is not easy to use"?
  • robmen wrote:
     Ion, why buy InstallShield when we have WiX?  <wink/>
    sorry about that, was a joke Smiley, WiX is a great tool, is easy to learn and use (integrate in projects), btw InstallShield has a visual designer will WiX have a visual designer? used for customization etc.
  • skatterbrainskatterbrain Planet ​Disintegrat​or Module
    I would **LOVE** to see the Flex/LM product line come under MS for a change.  Macrovision's pricing and support practices make MS look like a sheep in a fold of wolves.  Their license mgt products need some help as well.
  • The video is well enough.  Great job. Thanks
  • The download linked video seems to be corrupt.  I get all sorts of blue bars, and terrible audio from it.  Anyone else have this problem?

    Edit:  looks like the streaming flash video is the same way.  I guess I'll have to reboot and try again, or try it on another PC.  Strange considering I'm able to watch other Channel9 videos w/o any problems.
  • cool stuff.. Smiley
  • Cannot download the WMV file ... http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/ch9/7/4/3/7/8/1/wix_open_source_installer_2006.wmv


  • WiX looks great!

  • Anybody know where to find info the msiexec error code lookup tool used around 23:11? Anything on it would be helpful...

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