Channel 9 Blog for scobleizer
  • Chris St.Amand and Jeff Stucky - Debugging
  • Dave Luebbert - The mentor from early days on Word for Mac team
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista
  • Robert Rebholz (and team) - The Working Network
  • Soma - Conversation with Visual Studio's vice president
  • Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core Team
  • Mat Noguchi - Developer on Halo team gives tour of Bungie
  • Larry Hryb - First look at Xbox 360 (with the MVPs)
  • Larry Hryb - Showing off to the MVPs
  • Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis