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How to Pick a Good Point and Shoot


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Hola world. I’m Scott and I’ve been helping to develop some of the pieces for 10. This is my first ‘on screen’ appearance though and I hope you find something you like here.

The basis of the piece was really straight forward. I wanted to go shopping for a point and shoot camera with someone who could help me evaluate what I would find. I’ve wanted a new camera since last Christmas’ blurry mementos and knew I could use some help. So, with a hidden camera, a guy who should know and a too cheap microphone, I went out and got one. And to the Tina and Laura fanboys – relax, they’ll be back tomorrow. Smiley


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  • Rafael NievesRafael Nieves

    what took you so long!!!!

  • Rafael NievesRafael Nieves

    Been thinking about picking up a point-n-shoot cam after picking up my Canon 8MP PowerShot Pro1... It's kinda too big for partying, but great for vacations and outings. 

    I'm not sure whether I really need 8+MP for the next Point-n-shoot i buy...

    Scott, how happy are you with your cam, now that you've played with it a bit? Post some photos or something... lol

  • MoeBMoeB

    the audio on the ipod version is once again out of sync

  • Rafael NievesRafael Nieves

    Damn 1's and 0's getting in the way.

  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    Did you download the file or did you play it within the browser?

    If not in the browser, did you play the video from your desktop or from a device?

    Thanks, Adam
  • dotrockdotrock

    Y do you convert files for psp in two different formats? Sometimes AVC and sometimes MPEG4?

    Also y don't you add a thumbnail file and put it in a zipped folder? When extracted we get MP_ROOT/100MNV01/*.mp4 + *.THM? So people just connect to usb and copy the extracted folder just like that to root of psp?

    That would be easier and nice (with thumbnail.. umm.. Yea!)

  • clamp71clamp71

    Congrats on your new camera (good luck on expensing it!) . Did you consider putting up some side by side shots taken by low, medium and high end cameras and having your expert walk us through the differences.  From a consumers perspective it would be nice to see if the difference in quality of the images would be clearly visible to an average user.

    Also, what hapened to the weekly mash-up?

  • MoeBMoeB

    I played via iTunes internal video player. It downloaded as a podcast.

  • MoeBMoeB

    Interesting... the video that i have has an intro with tina and laura talking with scott. But the ipod version on the website starts in the car. 0_o

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
    The .THM file is up on our server, same path as the PSP file just a different extension. The zipped folder idea is interesting, but if we put the PSP mp4 file into a zip, then the auto-downloading podcast software I've seen for the PSP wouldn't know what do with the enclosure (I think).

    We are trying to standardize on the PSP format so you should see only a single format in the future.
  • Clarence BrownClarence Brown

    Only wish they would have talked about optical zoom more...

  • MichaelMichael

    Buying a digi camera can be quite a nightmare, so those tips will sure help whoever is after one. I´d also recommend reading as many reviews as possible. I was hoping you´d show "my" Sony T7 instead of the T5! It will be interesting to see how the Panasonic works out though.

    BTW, I wasn´t expecting to see T&L (Tina´s cleavage is sooo distracting) Tongue Out

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    I’ve like the camera a lot and mainly for the reasons pointed out in the piece.  It was actually adopted by the Ten team as our official in-house camera.  Adam took over the keys but I’m not sure if he has any pictures he could post.  Adam? 

    As for 8MP, I think that is likely overkill for a party point-and-shoot.  You really only need that level of detail in a picture if you are planning to blow one up or want to be able to zoom in very close and crop. 

    For me, portability and the ability to handle motion in low light are the biggest things you are after for party shots.  

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    Side by sides would be nice but it would also have required us to either buy every camera or bring our own memory card in.  I was really after advice on how to evaluate a camera. 

    The market is changing all the time and I wanted to understand how I could come back in a year or two and bring some method to the evaluation process.   

  • Matthew MushallMatthew Mushall

    I've been in the market for a new all in one digital camera that will handle both the point and shoot as well as my professional needs for a while now.  I've found its not an easy niche to satisfy.  More often than not, its almost always better to buy different cameras for their specific fuctions.

    Considering the rapidly growing market and steady stream of new models, I've constantly delayed my purchase, and after this segment I'm sorry to say no more certain than I was.

    This was still a good segment and I recommend more like it, even if it lacks my lovely ladies.

  • Chris "Avid X" EricksonChris "Avid X" Erickson

    Great Segment scott, Ive been looking for a quality camera for some time.

  • Michael McMullenMichael McMullen

    Yeah, I was wondering about last weeks round up video too, was checking for it all weekend.

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    Thanks Chris, I'm glad you liked it. 

  • clamp71clamp71

    You might want to check out a web page created by a friend of mine. He is not a professional photographer, but if he wanted to accept a pay cut from his phat programming gig (not Microsoft phat, but still pretty phat) he could easily make the grade.  He gives some great lucent commentary on photography in an easy to digest way.  Check him out at:



  • susiisusii

    Today's show is really cool. I had same questions when shopping for a digital camera and end up buying one I don't like...oh well...Got what I paid for.

  • susiisusii

    I agree, ( not on the T&L , but the nightmare part Smiley Reading reviews can be a bit confusing though. It really come down to what you are looking after. Scott, it looks like a good pick, hope you enjoy it.

  • susiisusii

    and a little info on the $$

  • susiisusii

    I am shopping for one.

  • DenginDengin

    About 6 months ago, I bought the Olympus Stylus 600. Damn nice camera, small, decent pixel size. My main problem is the number of Scene Options. I never really know what Scene setting to choose when taking a pic. The default ones, like Indoors, Portrait, etc. never seem to reallt give me the result I want. Frequently, the shutter speed is on the slow side, and when I choose something like a Night setting, shutter speed is actually ridiculously slow. Choosing a fast shutter speed Scene setting (Sports, and such) always leave my shots under-exposed.

  • ann ivanann ivan

    distracting? have ya ever seen cleavage before? oh man dude....thats just 2 funny!  jus press yer thighs together...you would not leave yer comp chair lol 2 distracting. oh wait i need 2 make the little face...  Tongue Out  there ya go. nice.


  • walkmanwalkman

    I also want to have one,but I 'm so poor. why the world is so unequal?? Sad

  • MichaelMichael

    Ummm... I´m having difficulty understanding that post, but anyways, yes, I have seen cleavage before (lol) but that doesn´t stop me from remarking on it.... and yes, it is distracting, but in a nice way. Good to see you find it funny. Wink

  • susiisusii

    Try not having what you want, but wanting what you have.  I am a happy poor dude..la la la.....

  • susiisusii

    Range 300$ top.

  • Chris PirilloChris Pirillo

    It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  • AnneAnne

    What about us Tina and Laura fangirls!!

    I love those girls!!

  • Alijah GreenAlijah Green


  • Paul CorkeryPaul Corkery

    sorry about the typos

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    LOL - true true!  I was being overly selective.  How about 'fanpeople' or 'people of fan'?  Your pick.  Smiley

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    Excellent site!  Thanks for the link.  I especially liked the user reviews.  An active community has formed there.  I should also state for the record that I am a typo fan.

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