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Rolling With Counts Kustoms


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The one thing you can't fault 10 for is having a wide range of interest. I originally got hooked on the custom chopper scene with Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off" series. The winner of the first build-off, Jesse James, got his own show and soon the Teutel's were lighting up the screen as well.

Convincing Jeff that there would be a technology angle (it's in there, I swear), I got the green light to interview one of the biggest hitters in the Custom bike world today: Counts Kustoms of Las Vegas. It was amazing to see how it's done up close. And, for the record, I've never interviewed a nicer, more genuine bunch of guys.


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  • Luca De BaptistisLuca De Baptistis

    on10 and c9 are my default homepages Big Smile

  • Scott StockerScott Stocker

    I am addicted to watching Monster Garage and American Chopper. Its cool to see a lesser known chopper company profiled. Great work 10!

  • ReneeRenee

    I agree! Great show

  • PrelsidentePrelsidente

    I agree, although not directly related to computer technology, it is a great show!!!

  • MichaelMichael

    Great segment on one of my passions.... not that I do custom work, but I do love bikes. I just checked put CK´s web and its awesome.

    I´m thrilled by the variety of content on 10! You guys keep suprising us. Smiley

  • Neo GeeQNeo GeeQ

    So when do I get my free custom bike?

  • Chris "Avid X" EricksonChris "Avid X" Erickson

    Seriously I cant get enough of custom choppers.
    Ive never rode one, i dont own one, nor do i like working on greasy machinery. But they are just so badass and the creativity that goes into them is amazing.

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    I really appreciate the feedback guys.   And for those who haven’t, I’d recommend following Maxwell’s lead and check out Count’s Kustoms web site.  They’ve got a lot of content up and you get a good dose of what they are all about.

  • Scott DavisScott Davis

    LOL – I thought I had edited out that segment. 

  • stuartstuart

    Great to see stuff like this, even if the only tech bit was an ebay buy...please keep showing more vids that cover culture, there is always a tech angle.

  • Rafael NievesRafael Nieves

    I concur. You are covering a plethora of topics. All very interesting I must say.

  • GriffGriff

    Oh ya!

  • Angelo YepezAngelo Yepez

    I enjoyed the Custom Chopper episode but it would have been better if Tina and Laura were doing the segment they have this chemistry that is hard to find these days.....

  • scratchexscratchex

    Great segment. That's what I love about this new show is that it's not always computer related. Who says it has to be? Great stuff!

  • GriffGriff

    *starts selling blood to afford one 50 years from now*

  • Steven WelshSteven Welsh

    My father loves bikes so much that my middle name is Harley!  Loving motorcycles is in my blood, so you know I'm loving this segment.  Custom bikes are beautiful and I love seeing the process of how they are made but I'm a Harley Davidson man through and through.  Designs, paintjobs, seats, the pipes, these things are a thing of beauty though.  Awesome show today!

  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    Sorry GeeQnastie, the prize phrase was "Scott wear 320 thread count cotton-only undies".  But the offer has expired now, maybe next time Smiley
  • Neo GeeQNeo GeeQ

    awe man... no fair, you have insider's information.... Wink

  • Neo GeeQNeo GeeQ

    I mustve cought the unedited version

  • scratchexscratchex

    I know this has been asked before but are you folks going to add a message board anytime soon? i hope so, I enjoy reading all the posts but it gets tedious having to expand everything after a while. Just a thought.

  • Chris "Avid X" EricksonChris "Avid X" Erickson

    Ill be chilling with my Corona on10 island. I may be AFK for a while.. see ya there.

  • Erik PorterHuman​Compiler Now with more apps
    Unfortunately, the forums feature we're working on has been pushed back to our next release.  We will keep you posted on it.

    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on commenting currently.  We'd like to hear any other ideas you have about what you'd like to see in forums on 10.  Thanks!
  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    Its on the list and should be available soon.  I'm looking forward ot having them as well.  I think we'll really be able to expand the conversations here on 10.
  • johnporcarojohnporcaro

    Er, Adam.  Not sure where "Jeff" came from...  Smiley 

  • Chris "Avid X" EricksonChris "Avid X" Erickson

    Well we had alot of fun Tonight on 10 Island.
    I met Tina , Laura , Adam, and a ton of other cool people.
    I gave Laura my Corona beer that I have been holding on to for just this occasion. LoL.
    I took a few group snapshots which I will post up tommorow.

  • Clint ComerClint Comer

    Just wondering, you post this comment on the 20th of april but the contest says March. Is this something old just reposted or are the dates wrong?

  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    The contest is still going on, we gave a pretty big window of 60 days.  It officially ends at 11:59 p.m. (PT) on May 17th 2006.  We're going to post up the stats on the prize machine very soon that you still have a chance to win.
  • Erik PorterHuman​Compiler Now with more apps
    Ack, sorry...we keep posting at the same time.  Tongue Out  Definitely shows the 10 team is reading every post.  Wink
  • Clint ComerClint Comer

    Oh I read it too fast. Thought that said March 17th as in we had a day. Thats why I asked, sorry. Thanks.

  • Clint ComerClint Comer

    I am in pre-production on a reality tv show where one of the fasits is a custom chopper shop. Stay tuned for details....


  • Chris AllenChris Allen

    I know what you mean, but it is always important to have goals and a means of achieving them....

    >> Selling blood works, I guess!

      Wink <<

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