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For decades web developers have wrestled with having to write two very separate codebases for the client and the server. Data models, routing, HTML rendering, validations, and a whole host of other code must be written not just once for the server, but must be mirrored on the client in order to ensure that they're speaking the same language. Node.js was a step in the right direction - they're technically speaking the same language - but there still hasn't been a compelling answer to this issue of seperate codebases.

Enter Browserify, a tool which holds the promise to unite these codebases in ways web devs had only dreamed. The glorious unification of front and back-end code, the so-called "Holy Grail" of web development, is closer than ever before. We'll be talking about how Browserify is making huge strides in achieving this objective, as well as how it can make building even non-Node.js projects a whole lot easier.





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