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Web components are the new hotness. Fact. Already there are frameworks like Google's Polymer and X-Tag from Mozilla that are set to make building websites with web components much easier. But you should really learn the foundation that these frameworks are built on before exploring how they make your life easier. That's what a responsible developer would do. You're a responsible developer, right? In this session we will take a good long look at some basic features of native web components. We will discuss and demo the use of HTML5's new template tag, create our own custom html elements without using a framework, explore the spookily named Shadow DOM, and bundle it all up using HTML5 imports. Bring your laptop, a modern browser (Chrome, bring Chrome), and your JavaScript skills and let's make a thing with web components!



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    L Gray

    The instructor needs to repeat the questions from the audience for the benefit of those of us watching the video who cannot hear the people in the audience because the mic does not pick them up very well.

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