Angular 2.0 With Typescript By Bill Wagner

Play Angular 2.0 With Typescript By Bill Wagner
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Bill Wagner describes how to build web applications using Angular 2.0 and TypeScript.

Angular 2.0 will be built using the TypeScript language. It will embrace TypeScript's idioms for working with immersive web experiences in larger applications.

You can get those same benefits by working with TypeScript and Angular together. In this session, you'll learn how Angular and TypeScript work together to create single page applications. You'll see how you can leverage the features of ECMAScript 6, and still support today's browsers. You'll see how adopting TypeScript can be as easy as changing the extensions on your .js files. How you use the TypeScript features is completely in your control.



The Discussion

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    Hi,  could someone guide me to a source where I can get step by step instructions on setting up Angular 2 project with Typescript in Visual Studio 2015 Community please. 

    I have tried finding sources in google but none of the articles that I found could get me started

    I am able to run the setup fine in Atom, but I guess I need some extras in visual studio to make it work

    Any guidance/suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

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    you don't need anything vs specific, just get some dependencies from npm or bower and a typescript compiler.

    may be the below rep from Dan wahlin help you

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    Pamela Thalacker

    @Dammalapatir Source code is here

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    Check this out if interested in VS 2015

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    The GitHub repo reference contains updates for Angular 2 Beta 1, so there are a few differences from the video and the current code. I will keep updated the repo as new releases are available.

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