Angular 2.0 With Typescript By Bill Wagner

Play Angular 2.0 With Typescript By Bill Wagner
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    Hi,  could someone guide me to a source where I can get step by step instructions on setting up Angular 2 project with Typescript in Visual Studio 2015 Community please. 

    I have tried finding sources in google but none of the articles that I found could get me started

    I am able to run the setup fine in Atom, but I guess I need some extras in visual studio to make it work

    Any guidance/suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

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    you don't need anything vs specific, just get some dependencies from npm or bower and a typescript compiler.

    may be the below rep from Dan wahlin help you

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    Pamela Thalacker

    @Dammalapatir Source code is here

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    Check this out if interested in VS 2015

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    The GitHub repo reference contains updates for Angular 2 Beta 1, so there are a few differences from the video and the current code. I will keep updated the repo as new releases are available.

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