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This sentence is wasting your time before you get to useful information.  How annoying is that?  Annoyed is how your users feel if they can't see their content immediately while too much JavaScript and CSS downloads too slowly.  

This talk shows how the recently released DoneJS framework makes it easy to build fast single page applications that are:


server side rendered

progressively loaded

use content delivery networks

We will discover how DoneJS solves these problems while building a simple real-time chat application.  As a bonus, I will show how to build the chat application to a mobile and desktop application so all three versions of the app can chat together. If we have time, I might even turn on worker thread rendering.


Justin Meyer (


) is the lead author of DoneJS and a core contributor to




.  He's the CEO of Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting company known for making apps for Walmart and other high profile companies he can't talk about.  



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