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Git Gone Wild: how to recover from common git mistakes.

"Oh no! I just typed something into git and now my work is gone! Ahh!"

Don't panic. Contrary to popular belief, git is one of the most non-destructive version control systems available. When used right, git never loses any data, and even when misused, chances are very high you can still recover.

This talk will present turn-by-turn directions on how to recover from a wide array of common git mistakes, and also provide some workflows to minimize them.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

* Changing spelling errors in commit messages.

* Split commits into multiple commits with logical separation.

* Combining multiple commits into one.

* Resetting the base commit when you accidentally branch off of the wrong branch.

* Recovering from merge conflicts.


As well as more advanced topics, such as:

* Extracting parts (e.g. sub-directory) of a repository as a new repository.

* Merging multiple repositories into one while retaining version history.

* Removing confidential data accidentally committed.



"Forged of iron and walrus blood, Magnus Stahre comes from an ancient line of nordic code smiths. His technology engineering heritage was primarily responsible for preventing the narwahl invasions of Sweden in both 1683 and 1915. As a craftsman of such pedigree, Magnus knows from generation of experience meticulously hand-crafting from some of the worst raw-material code out there that the only way to have exquisite code is with expertly wielded revision control. Mere mortals must often avert their gaze from his profound use of git to avoid being paralyzed in awe."

- Nathan Dotz (@nathandotz)



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