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Using Windows Azure blob storage.



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The Discussion

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    Great videos to understand the basics. It will be great to have something like this to understand how WCF services works in windows Azure End to End.
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    Cloud Fan

    Check out the following video for a more complete introduction to Windows Azure Storage (Blob, Table, Queue)

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    This video would've been much better if there was a download available. The constant "buffering" was very annoying.
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    Not sure why were you in a hurry to click the buttons so fast.  If you could go little slow in your DEMO that would be great.

    Great Demo skills are

    1. Say what you are doing
    2. Do it & show it
    3. Say what you did

    Nothing personal, it was way too fast for us. Whn you added reference to some library, you clicked some folders on your machine, no idea which folder you added it from.  Also when you made a reference to some Library/Web-Service, had not clue what that was for.

    My 2 cents Wink
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    Excellent Video. I wish you could have demoed us the following

    1.  B'cos it was local machine x.x.x.:10000  -- Where exactly on your machine the files / images get uploaded & how do they look
    2.  Defining the method as PRIVATE & showing us, what the failure scenario would have looked like

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