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    Arie H

    Though most of your talks are interesting and intriguing, I find the concept is very alarming sometimes.
    You get excited, in a good way, but you leave control of wheel with both hands at the same time.
    Your eyes constantly swap between the road and the focus point of your camera.

    Basically the camera is like using your cell phone while driving. The speed factor is not an 'excuse'. When young people see this videos for the context aspect, with it comes a subliminal message that what you're doing is ok, that not being concentrated on the task a head is ok. I mean you have an air bag, the car is slow, it got 4 stars in a crash test...but is that what you want your own kids to learn ?

    You become a role model and one thing I try to teach is that with power comes responsibility. You have a gift, a power to communicate with millions and that interaction is very much appreciated in both ways, but with it, you do need to set an example.

    Just something that bugged me for sometime that I needed to share.

    Hope you continue this great work but in a more 'Secure' way, no pun intended :)

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