Why we can't patch WannaCry

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    David Levin

    We have a large manufacturing base of older non compliant Windows XP and earlier. We have segmented the network for these devices. They do not have connectivity to the internet.

    I understand the difficulties with upgrading manufacturing devices, but if you know that there is a vulnerability and this vulnerability is two year old. I can't understand why steps aren't taken to lessen that vulnerability.

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    Paul Davis

    Well any factory worth it's salt should be using a closed network(I.e no internet access). Same as Nuclear power plants, the only machines on that network that can have internet access should be running the best AV with the latest OS.

    That way you can still download and distribute information to the XP machines on the closed network, but it's being filtered and checked by the Guardian pc's first.

    I can only see these attacks getting worse and more dangerous, with the vault7 leaks.

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