Intellisense Extensions for Microsoft Azure PowerShell

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Are you working with the Microsoft Azure PowerShell project on a regular basis? Do you find that commands and resource [group] names are causing a lot of typing, and mental context switching? If so, then you'll want to check out the Azure PowerShell Extensions module, which enables you to perform auto-completion (Intellisense) for common things like:

  • Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resource Group names
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resource Names
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resource Types
  • Azure Regions (Locations)
  • .... and more!

If you're regularly struggling to remember the exact name of an ARM Resource, Resource Group, Resource Type, or Azure Region, then this module will be a huge time and typing saver for you!

You'll also want to check out the PowerShell formatting files that are included with the modules, and automatically loaded at import time. These formatting files help to simplify the visual display of output from the core Azure PowerShell commands, to make it easier to consume when you're running Azure PowerShell commands interactively.

Trevor Sullivan
Microsoft MVP: Cloud & Data Center Management
Founder, Art of Shell



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