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    Very nice. Smiley Is it somehow possible to apply Themes to Master page as well? Thank you!

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    What is the difference between Themes/Skins and CSS/Class?  They seem to be the very same thing, just one is Microsoft's terminology.  I'm not contesting their implementation, just wondering what the Themes/Skins get me more than CSS.



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    This looks highly counter-intuitive, because you're just writing code that writes other code and the code you're writing isn't exactly web-standard or useful.

    There's no need to re-invent the wheel again, CSS Zengarden already proves that you can successfuly create complete website themes by just using one simple stylesheet.

    Why not write one HTML page, then write a few different stylesheets for the 'themes'?

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    I tried to view this, but I don't have the right codec installed, despite having the K-Lite Mega codec pack installed, can anyone else get it to open?
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    I am using Windows Media player and the Macromedia Flash player and don't have an issue. Not familair with the Codec pack you mention

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    CSS applies to html

    Themes and Skins apply to your .net controls.

    .net has some controls that html doesn't provide.

    It's easier and faster for .net developrs to use themes and skins.

    You can use your skins on the winform or asp.net for the controls in common.  Using only CSS work on the htm.  If you want a common look throughout you can use a theme and apply it to you winform and asp.net.  Making for a consistant look that's easy to maintain.

    You can apply themes to an entire site or directory or for winform application.

    Skins are applied to controls.

    You can have an entire site that has a common theme like MoonBuggy and then apply a skin that looks different to a particular control or group of controls, say Earthlook.

    In CSS if you set the  background in the body to blue then all will have that blue background unless you change it for an element, say table with a white background.

    The body tag is like the theme for the site.  The table however will get a skin with a white background.

    .NET themes and skins can be used online and offline allowing for a consistant look if you have a website and a winforms app you're offering to users.

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