More About Web Parts with ASP 2.0

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The Discussion

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    Interesting - the typos were a little painful to watch though. (Plus it seemed to cut to a "Please wait loading survey" screen before it was finished...?)
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    The typos are fine. I've watched a lot of demos and there are two kinds of problems I've seen. An error in the software which gives a bad impression and a person just making a simple mistake. I like watching other people mistakes, it makes me relize I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I sometimes think that I could do just as good or better then them.

    It's really sad though when a simple mistake happens in front of thousands of people and it reflects badly on the software and the company.

    There are a few demos that i've seen where the mistakes are panfull because it is seems extreamly obvious that the person hasn't prepared.

    But some mistakes are just that simple misktakes .... let it go!!!
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    ;)It is good!I learn a lot,thanks.

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