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Setting up a Custom Membership Provider

11 minutes, 46 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

After a review of the three general situations that would cause you to create you own custom membership provider Patrick walks you through the creation of a very primitive membership provider and see it in action.  Also featured in this screencast is a quick look at the membership database created to support the standard membership provider.


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  • was okay, but the presenter seemed to be really lost throughout the entire screencast. the presenter obviously didn't put much effort into the presentation as his code was _no where_ near secure (but to his credit, he seems to know this and mention it about 300 times). but at the same time there was obviously no testing before hand. his code throws an null pointer exception towards the end of the demo, and he recommends things such as creating your custom provider in your app_code directory rather than creating a new assembly just for it.  in addition, several times the user calls things by their wrong name. one that had me laughing was 'classes' for the word 'method.'

    should have just wrote an article saying 'make your customer provider inherit from MembershipProvider'
  • I disagree, I thought this was pretty nicely done... considering the limited amount of info out there on this subject..
  • I concur with cdengler. It's a simple overview that shows how easy it is to do.
  • Exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you trobbins for this sample.

    jspaur get a life.
  • MajdiMajdi Majdi
    Thank you for the presentation.
    At first I was discouraged, for the sake of time, of having to develop my custom membership provider.

    But after seeing your video and reading a couple of articles , I realize that it is not that complicated.

    Also it is equivalent to writind a BLL class, which I was planning to do anyway.

    Excellent job, don't get discouraged by mean critics.
  • good job. Thank you

  • Using this example, how would you expand on this to have your custom ValidateUser method change the FailureText property of the Login control to show different error messages depending on values of fields in the custom SQL database?

    For example, I have a field in my custom SQL database that will be a bit field called isActive. If isactive is false and the user enters correct login information, I want the login control's error message to say "You entered correct login information, but your account is inactive. Please call ###-###-#### to have your account enabled."

    ...or is the ValidateUser method not the correct place to do this?
  • Hi,

    I believe this is very useful for those who intend to write their own custom membership providers.

    I have one issue that I am facing with the custom provider I wrote recently. Could you please take a look at the link below and respond at the earlient possible?


  • Hi,

    I believe this was very useful. I am facing one issue with my custom membership provider. Can you plz look at the post below and try to respond with a solution and explanation, if possible, at the earliest possible?


  • Is the source available for download somewhere?

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