The Future of Mobile App Development with Xamarin

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    Still very frustrating, Xamarin is evolving as fast as a dead evolves! you guys are not getting it.

    1- You need to get rid of that INotifyPropertyChanged .. really, believe me, i swear. why don't adopt "Fody" rather than we keep fighting with its bugs? yes we know tricks to make that easier but for god sake it is there since 2005 i guess!!!

    2- You need to get VS smart enough to refactor property and binding together, It is serious pain when we need to refactor 

    3 - We will never use Telerik thing, simply because when I go to Stackoverflow, I won't find (and if I find I don't care) solutions for the APIs and bugs, the community won't adopt it. We rather write our own controls until Xamarin has its own controls which guarantees quality, fast fixing, and large community

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