UX never stops: Infragistics presents the value of modern prototyping with Indigo Studio

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In this video, Seth Juarez and Jason Beres, SVP Developer Tools at Infragistics, talk about how user experience is becoming more important than ever, but with an industry average of one UX designer for every 100 developers, teams are challenged to meet the rising demand. With the freemium pricing and Indigo Studio’s ease of use, Infragistics is helping organizations build usability into the entire software development lifecycle. Indigo Studio provides the ability to automatically generate code, create and launch unmoderated usability studies, view results in real-time and much more. Jason shows how you can quickly kick off a prototype from any device leveraging Indigo Studio, streamlining the design process and improving collaboration. Jason also delivers an introduction to IgniteUI, where he explains how the tool’s open source base helps bring in the broader development community to drive features and functionality through GitHub.

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