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    You guys rock! What I personally would love to see is better documentation. Something like EXTJS docs, why not use technology you already have (maybe include richer client side? :-)), and build awesome docs for all children of Asp.Net family :-). Yes, and a short question. After beta and rc1, I saw alpha1 release on myget prerelease today, is it going to be included in vs2013?. Just to know what to expect in final product. Kind regards, Davor

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    Clinton Gallagher

    I'd like to hear and learn why Microsoft thinks its a good idea to continue to drive its developers with so much invested in Microsoft tools and platforms into Android development and devices because the company does not care about connected TV markets.

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    I want to see programs about web development in F#

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    I want to learn jquery Mobile app development using MVC4

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    SPA - Single Page Applications with knockout and breeze will rock the future !

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    I like to draw your attention towards variety of Ruby and Rails template languages such as Slim ( and Haml ( which let us write nifty code (as opposed to the traditional markup), in addition to their default ERB (which is somewhat similar to Razor). The idea is to tackle the nesting with indentation and omit the end tags of markup, loop structure and other code blocks etc. to have a tidier view.

    Does the web team at Microsoft have any plans to invent such light-weight template language anytime sooner, as an alternate to ASP (.aspx) and Razor (.cshtml or .vbhtml), say .light, .tidy or .nifty? :)

    The docs of Slim ( show how cleanly the alternate code to markup can be written. Moreover, there are variety of ways to generate inline or indented tags. Imagine the ASP master page (or the scary master page of SharePoint publishing site) presented in such a clean way, it would certainly enhance the readability and maintainability!

    Also, with Web Essentials and zencoding, the development experience would be doubled in Visual Studio. For the static web sites without any server-side scripting, the light version can be compiled to the corresponding HTML on-save (similar to the feature we have for .less and typescript/coffeescript) and grouping technique can be leveraged like:

    - index.html.light
    - index.html

    Please consider it in your ongoing effort.


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