Just Enough and Just in Time Administration in Windows Server 2016

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Just Enough and Just in Time Administration allows organizations to only give administration credentials when needed for a finite time.



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The Discussion

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    Kevin Zebroski

    I am going to assume that the restart-service winRM would not have worked anyway, but having a misspelled commend is what caused you to have an error in this demonstration. "Restart-Servive" will never work...

    Other than that issue, this was a very informative demo, thanks!

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    There's also nothing about JIT in this video, just JEA.

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    Restart-serviVe not works? Impossible.. :)

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    This is nice but the administrators I REALLY want to limit do not use powershell. I would really love a good RBAC tool from MS so I can EASILY limit functions to service desk or Jr Admins. These people are not going to use powershell that often.

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