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During this week's MSDN TechTalks, Chewy showed a 15 min demo where I built a website from scratch that allows the user to type in their Singapore postal code and a Singapore map shows up with a pin on top of the postal code (every postal code represent a distinct building unlike others where the code can specify a geographical region).

This demo has resonated quite well with the attendees at the event.  A number of them wanted to see the code so they can build a "here are my stores" map and embedded into their web sites.  As such, I just recorded a video of me doing the exact same demo but with more commentary of my code.  Here's Chewy's video and a copy of the resulting code from the video demo.


The Postal2Gps web service used is a web service we built to wrap a raw JSP service from Best.SG.  You need to sign up for a developer ID from Best.SG to make use of their service.  The web service wrapper we used will be updated by the end of Oct to allow you to type in your own developer ID.

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