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Welcome to this short series of Windows 7 screencasts for showing developers how to use Libraries to Light Up their applications on Windows 7.

Windows 7 introduces the concept of Libraries as the new entry point for users’ data. In Libraries, users can find and organize their data as collections of items that may span multiple locations across multiple folders and computers.

This screencast provides a quick overview of the Windows 7 library functionality  and shows an example of a cool WPF application that allows users to control, monitor, and manage libraries.

This is the first of four screencasts about programming the Windows 7 libraries. You can download the code shown in the screencast. The other screencasts in this series are:



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The Discussion

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    Great video... had been planning to learn what Libraries were all about, from technical perspective.

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    How to get rid of libraries in the windows file explorer is the big question !


    Can you give an answer?

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    I'm not sure what you mean. You can delete libraries from Windows Explorer by right-clicking them and selecting "Delete" from the context menu...

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    Great Video. I am not planning to develop anything with libraries - but from the USER perspective I finally understand what the heck those library-things are for.


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    Hey Sashag..... Robert and I want to delete the "Libraries" node for which there is not a "delete" option

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    You cannot "delete" the Libraries node.  Why would you want to do this?

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    Great Video, Do You Know If There Is A Video To Add Shell Extensions? Like E.g on a .png file->propities->'My Tab' Like Adding Your Own Tab?

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