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Windows 7 offers a new way of controlling your desktop, managing your windows, and launching applications. The Windows 7 Taskbar is a new application-launching and window-switching mechanism that consolidates the functionalities from previous Windows OS Desktop mechanisms such as Quick Launch, Recent Documents, Notification area icons, desktop shortcuts, and running application windows.

Watch Yochay Kiriaty, Windows 7 Technical Evangelist, and Taskbar product team developers Robert Jarrett and Ben Betz as we take a deep dive into the Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists. You can think of a Jump List as your own mini Start Menu for your application, giving you some control over its appearance and functionality. We will explore the COM interface and APIs used to customize Jump Lists and we will talk about the importance of application ID for Jump Lists.

Jump in to Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists is one video of a series of Channel 9 videos on Windows 7 Taskbar. Other videos include:

1.       Designing the Windows 7 Taskbar

2.       Windows 7 Taskbar Behind the Scenes

3.       Jump in to Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists

4.       Windows 7 Taskbar Overview

For more technical information on the Windows 7 Taskbar, read the Windows 7 Taskbar Part 1 – The Basics. And for more technical content on Windows 7, along with a few cool code samples, go to the Windows 7 Blog for Developers.

If you missed the PDC sessions on the Windows 7 Taskbar, you can always watch their videos: Welcome to Windows 7 Taskbar and Integrate with Windows 7 Taskbar – but I know you already saw them few times. Wink



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The Discussion

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    cool suff Smiley
    got two questions though.
    1. can you change the appID of other windows? (ie could i have an app that groups explorer windows or ie tabs?)
    2. can you have no appID at all? (or hide the buttonfor the main app, say if i got a hosting app that i dont want to be visible)

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    Great video. I'm watching PDC video as well and wanted to ask - is there any place where the code demoed at PDC can be downloaded? Specially that shell managed wrapper? I'm trying writing my own but I'm not very advanced native developer Smiley
    Once again, great video, great idea behind jump lists.
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    Hi everyone,


    For a good practical example of adding Jumplist support to an application, see this blogpost about adding Jumplist features to the PuTTY program.


    Worked for me!

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