Programming Windows 7 Multi Touch - Part 2

Play Programming Windows 7 Multi Touch - Part 2

The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    Touch seems slow and unresponsive.
    Is this a hardware issue ? I do hope it is !

    Move / shake a window around with the mouse and then do the same thing with touch.

    And there is an obvious delay using touch.
    And yes microsoft, delay is bad.

    You can even see it on this video.


    I can think of a few games that could use touch but wont be fun with that delay, they may not even work right because of it.

    Those game ideas are on hold until i get an answer / fix for this delay thing.

    Basicly because of the delay (or what ever you want to call it) touch suck.

    Is the delay there because they 'hacked' in the touch in some way ?
    Wouldn't supprise me, microsoft is desperate and have been desperate for some time now, so fast tracking / taking bad shortcuts... well i wouldn't put it past them.

    Yet another fail from microsoft ?


    Microsoft if you want help the just ask.

    Ops, this comment got long, guess i'm still pissed at microsoft, owell....

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    Hi everybody!, i'm totally new to WPF and i'm very interested in MultiTouch, but i don't know where i can get more material related to this topic.

    Maybe you can help me with some sample links or something..

    Thank You!


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