Windows 7 Graphics Architecture Overview - Part 3

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Windows 7 includes many new updates and improvements to the Graphics stack, including a new set of APIs for 2D graphics and writing text. Among the improvements are a major reduction in memory consumption by the DWM and new more efficient ways to combine the different available APIs. Join David Blythe, a senior architect in the Desktop and Graphics team, and Yochay Kiriaty, Technical Evangelist for a quick tour of Windows 7 Graphics architecture, its different components, and how they affect and improve the user experience in Windows 7. Discover what’s new in Windows 7 Graphics and how developer can tap into the new APIs.

This is the first of three overview videos and the first in a long series of videos about Windows 7 Graphics.

You can find additional information about Windows 7 Graphics in the:

·         Developer for Windows MSDN page

·         E7 blog post Engineering Windows 7 Graphics Performance

·         PDC session recordings:

·         Windows 7: Writing Your Application to Shine on Modern Graphics Hardware (PDC)

·          Windows 7: Introducing Direct2D and DirectWrite (PDC)

·         Windows 7: Unlocking the GPU with Direct3D



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