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    I'm duly impressed.  I can't wait to try this stuff out.  Is there a way we are able to download the demo shown in the video?  Or are there resources we can go read or samples we can go download that show us the "Best Practice" for touch applications?




    I don't know if RTM does this, but visual feedback would be great.  So if you pinch a photo, an animation occurs at the same time, instead of the photo just jumping to that zoom level.  Same for gestures, an animation would be a great indicator, not just a "forward" tooltip showing up on the screen.

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    Keep an eye out for samples on the Windows 7 blog for Developers.
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    Can we expect the current crop of multitouch devices (i.e. Dell Studio One 19) will fully support these APIs?  Or is that asking too much?  Wink  Thx.
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    Microsoft needs to develop and or push a developer to make a Real Time Strategy that uses multi touch. That would be sweeeet.
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    I see this demo was done using the older Dell Latitude XT.

    In any case, I'd be curious to know when Microsoft expects multitouch and ink to become mainstream features.

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    To ChrisStepaniuk. Most samples shown in this video can be found in the Windows 7 RC SDK. You can find them in the \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Samples\Touch

    Have fun Smiley


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    Is it possible to create custom gestures that will work across all programs in the OS? For example, would it be possible to draw an 'F' on the screen to activate the 'Alt-F' keyboard shortcut?


    Also, what would have to be done to enable the pinch-zoom gesture for a globe environment such as Google Earth?

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    I tried out a multi-touch display at my local staples, very nice, if a little pricey for a machine, and way out of my price range.

    However apparently it doesnt cost the monitor manufacturers much more to make a touch enabled monitor, so hopefully touch screens will become more common once Windows 7 hits the market.

    Maybe the next killer desktop or web app will be touch enabled.  

    Touch enabled Instant messaging could make Emoticons, Hugs and Pokes way more fun!


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    is windows 7 multi- touch a separate version of windows? if i install windows 7 premium on my asus tablet will it have all the multi-touch options?

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