Windows 7 Sensor and Location - Developing Drivers Part 1

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The Windows Sensor and Location platform, new for Windows 7, enables your computer and applications to adapt to their current environment and provide location base services and application. But sensors are external or logical devices that require a driver to connect to Windows 7. Join Gavin Gear, product team PM, and Yochay Kiriaty, Technical Evangelist, as we dive deep into the Windows 7 Sensor and Location driver architecture, learning the different about its different components and how to build one. 

This is part 1 and here is the link to part 2.

Additional videos in this series:

In the Windows 7 Developer Training Kit, you can find three labs about Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform.

You can find additional information about the Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform in the:

Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform series of posts
PDC session recording - Windows 7: The Sensor and Location Platform: Building Context-Aware Applications



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    thanks for nice information. I hope win7 is better in future with this more driver. So HP DV4 1500 missing some driver when install win 7.

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