Windows 7 Taskbar: Incorporating Your Beta Feedback into RC

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    Andrew Jones

    One thing I don't get... I can see that running applications show a "raised glass button" effect to indicate the app is running. Why does Outlook 2007 not do this? Clearly Outlook is running but no glass button. Why?


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    At last this on taskbar by default
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    Andrew, that happens because you specified that Outlook minimizes to the system tray. This means that the main window is hidden and the taskbar therefore doesn't show the "raised glass button".

    Right click the Outlook system tray icon and uncheck "Hide When Minimized". That will change the behaviour to what you expected Smiley

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    so, where can i get my hand on those other keyborad shortcuts? launch as elevated would be pretty useful for me Smiley
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    As in Vista, hold Ctrl+Shift and press Enter or click the item to launch as elevated.
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    Where can I find a list of the shortcuts that are mentioned at the end of the video?

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