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Smooth animations are fundamental to many graphical UI applications. Windows 7 introduces a native animation framework for managing the scheduling and execution of animations. The animation framework supplies a library of useful mathematical functions for specifying behavior over time and lets developers provide their own behavior functions. The framework supports sophisticated resolution of conflicts when multiple animations attempt to manipulate the same value simultaneously. An application can specify that one animation must be completed before another can begin and can force completion within a set time. The new framework also helps animations determine appropriate durations.

You are welcome to join the Paul(s), both Paul Kwiatkowski and Paul Gildea, as they dive deep (real deep) in to some of the advanced topics of the Windows Animation Manager.

This is the third video in a series of videos about the Windows Animation Manager. The first two videos are: Windows Scenic Animation Overview, Windows Animation – Advanced Features.




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The Discussion

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    Wow, the stack looks really complex (not to use, but the work you've had to do to make it powerful and easy for consumers of it), congrats - its really impressive.. sucks that I'm primarily a .net web dev Wink.

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    I need to max my volume (to the dismay of my speakers) to hear what's being said in this.

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    it's great,.  congratulation for windows !!

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    I don't know why more application can't instaled at my laptop,

    I use Windows7 as operating system,..


    but, I prefer windows7 than vista,.

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    it's really ?? I got good volume with my laptop,. (using windows7),.

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    as quoted from microsoft site,. That "Animation can help to communicate major state changes in the user interface and help to manage the complexity of the user interface. Animation can also add to the user's perception of the quality of an application."


    I agree about it,. But, as windows user I hope, Microsoft continues to develop how to have windows system is not heavy with the existence of a sophisticated animation.



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    windows7 lighter than vista,

    besides the user interface does not fail with vista.


    but there are some software that does not support for Windows7.

    but I still like windows7. and seek support software for use in Windows7.

    comcomputerslanditcomputer computerslookup

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    hi Scottz,.

    I hope, Microsoft continues to develop how to have windows system is not heavy with the existence of a sophisticated animation.

    I agree what you said,. Smiley I think everyone like you want Big Smile

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