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Windows Phone 7 provides developers with two main frameworks in which to work:  Silverlight and XNA Framework. Regardless of the framework you chose, you will end up with a Windows Phone application that must be deployed to the Windows Phone market place and from there installed on a Windows Phone device, and provisioned and managed by the user.

Join Tudor Toma – a Principal Program Manager in the Windows Phone team, Jaime Rodriguez – a Principal Technical evangelist, and Yochay Kiriaty – a Senior Technical Evangelist, as they provide an overview of the Windows Phone Application life cycle, explaining the internal architecture of Windows Phone and how application get installed and executed on.



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    The Discussion

    • ZippyV

      Is there a size limitation for an application?

    • koolraaga

      Thank you very much for this Fascinating Discussion of the Internal Architecture/Framework of Windows Phone 7 Application.


      Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Flatliner

      I believe I heard somewhere that a Xap is limited to 10mb. It was mentioned in one of the MIX10 Session Videos about the Windows Phone Marketplace.

    • agileinnova​tors

      According to Visual Studio Magazine, the maximum size is 2GB.




    • Yochay

      You have to have some kind of a limit. The 2G is the isolated storage limit, that is the size of content in your application work folder. In theroy your app can be tht size, but then the question how practicl can it be since all apps have to be downloaded from the market place via network...

    • Kiarash

      I was super excited about this video but that was made by three people that just COULDN'T correctly speak English!!!  Crying

      It's damn sad! Crying I never could and still can't understand this Mr. Yochay Kiriaty words and he was the host of this important session! Crying

      PLEASE don't make any more video Yochay! you may have great ideas but the performing side of you badly SUCKS! Crying


    • Yochay

      Thank you Kiarash for your kind words... Between not having this video to having it as it is righ now, what do you choose?

    • Kiarash

      First of all I'm sorry if I misbehaved last night, but I was really angry! Again I AM really sorry and thank you for your kind response.

      But dear Yochay, what I really wanted to say was that you could be the idea-generator guy behind the scenes and you could let someone else from the C9 team make this video with your help!

      I know this video and your valuable efforts here are better than having no video with this subject but I'm sure this topic was so important that you could've convinced someone else to help you, make a better video!

      We better not forget that doing the job in this has also another awful side! and that was you and this video took the chance from anyone else making another video in this field on C9 ever again! so you have also done something negative...

      Anyway, I wish you could have improved this video in any possible way, you and all other C9 managers know! 'cause I believe you're the right guy behind the scenes, 'cause you've got the brain with best ideas (I've seen many of your interviews) and there are many great hosts and presenters in the C9 team.

      I wish right people could take right places.

      Again, I'm sorry with my language 'cause I didn't wanted to hurt you or say anything bad to you dear Yochay.

      I love you and all the C9ers!

      Good luck

    • Disphunktion

      I respect that he is the "guru" behind this but I believe that someone else should have talked. His accent totally confused me. But still, it's a really good video on how things are working.


      Thanks guys!


    • mashphone

      Excellent Discussion! Need more of the internals.. I have no idea why some folks are complaining, it is pretty clear.

    • w0rd-driven

      I'll say that the accents are difficult but not unmanageable. Jaime's was the best but that really says nothing. As all three present more in english, obviously not their native language, they'll become better at it. Please don't take this as a negative comment in any way because I grasped everything mentioned. To drive the point home I was engaging my web OCD, i.e. browsing other sites with the audio in the background. If I couldn't understand a word I wouldn't have been able to do that.


      With respect to getting a "presenter" versus a "guru" it doesn't always make sense. Here you had a perfect question and answer session that a presenter would either have to script or simply could not have if he didn't know the material well enough.


      I'd love to see the slides or links to them in the future if they are part of the developer site. I hate PowerPoint for just a slide but with video/audio you can get certain nuggets the slides won't really go into like the question/answer sessions in this talk. The slides will invoke my memory of the conversation versus the other way around but I realize slides aren't always possible either.

    • techieg

      I'm unsure what planet you guys are from but I had no issue with the accents. Keep in mind that every single human being that can speak has an accent and yours may be as bad to anyone that is not of the same origin as you especially if you are so ignorant, as many people are, to think that everyone should speak US english which is the most ridiculous thing and sub-standard in my opinion. Open your mind or simply clear your gubs and gubs of ear wax and get a headphone, geez.

    • databyss

      I didn't have any issues with the accents at all.


      I mean, there were OBVIOUSLY accents, but the english was perfectly clear to me.


      Sounds a bit xenophobic to me.

    • tgrt

      All I want to know at this point is: can I develop my own applications and deploy them directly to my phone?  That is, for applications that I develop for my use I don't want to go through the marketplace.


      This is a deal breaker and will determine whether or not I invest time in this platform and money on the phone.

    • databyss

      In visual studio you can deploy to your phone for testing, so yes.

    • tgrt

      Thank you.

    • lifemichael

      Thanks for the clip:)

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