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Windows Phone Push Notification Service provides developers with the infrastructure to support sending notification messages to a Windows Phone device even when their applications are not running, in a better conservative manner. Since Windows Phone doesn’t allow 3rd party applications to run in the background, your code can’t listen to or poll the Web for updates. Windows Push Notification Service was created to overcome this communication issue by enabling developers to send Push Notification Messages to Windows Phone devices even when their applications are not running.

Join Jorge Raastroem, a Program Manager in the Windows Phone Application Platform team, and Yochay Kiriaty, a Senior Technical Evangelist, as they describe what push notifications are and how they work with Windows Phone Push Notification Service.

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The Discussion

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    Ramon Smits

    WOW! If you would just say that Windows Phone Push Notification Service is like the Apple iPhone Push notifications and say which pro's and cons the Windows Phone Push Notification service has then this movie would have been interesting. Almost all mobile developers are familiar with Apple's push services.

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    I am not familiar with Apple iPhone Push notifications, so I am glad that this video outlines the whole system. I do know one major way that Microsoft's version is different that Apples: I didn't have to sign an NDA just to get the pre-release details of how it works  Tongue Out


    Keep up the great work!

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    wow!! good news!!

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    Jorge Rastrom

    If you look at the WP7 notifications framework, we have taken the approach of a simple framework that is simple to get started with.

    There is no explicit registration to use the service for developers and with a few lines of code, you are up and running.


    Our integration with the phones start experience, allows you as a developer, to let your application behave like the rest of the platform. Users of your applications will recognize the behavior which will give them a more "I know what is going to happen when I click here..".


    Go and get the latest CTP refresh of the developer tools at, with the refresh you will be able to pin tiles to the start experience and send notifications to it. It is really cool. Smiley

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