Try It Yourself - Configure an Azure VNet to VNet Connection

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Vet-to-vent is an interesting and realistic scenario when connecting resources of branch offices, organizations, partners, etc. The above recoriding includes the processes and operations to establish a vnet-to-vnet connection in Azure based on the documentation, Configure a VNet to VNet Connection.

  • [00:22] - Creating virtual networks
  • [01:54] - Concept of a vnet-to-vent connection
  • [02:22] - Creating local networks 
  • [03:52] - Configuring the vnet-to-vnet connection and adding gateway subnets
  • [04:56] - Generating gateways with dynamic routing
  • [05:42] - Updating gateway IP addresses
  • [07:01] - Setting Azure vnet gateway keys

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