ALM Summit 2010

If you are an ALM practitioner, lead, or manager who is passionate about mastering your craft, the ALM Summit will help you gain deeper insight into your application lifecycle. You will also discover and learn about industry best practices that address additional development challenges, and how Microsoft's ALM Solutions enable and support those best practices. The ALM Summit will provide you with new tools for making better design, implementation, and technology selection decisions.

  • Extending the ALM Platform
  • Successful Software Project Management Styles
  • Making Continuous Delivery a Reality
  • From Individual to Team to Organization
  • Heterogeneous ALM Environments
  • ALM Summit 2010 Keynote: Scrum: the 3rd Decade
  • Managing Change: Scenario-Focused Engineering
  • The Agile Consensus
  • The Future of Collaborative Development
  • Values: Exploring the Why Behind What We Do