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Continuous integration is at the hub of most agile teams, but today it only extends to the compilation of source code and running of unit tests. But wouldn’t it be even more compelling if you could extend the integration to automatically provision a virtualized test environment with all tiers of a distributed system and see automatically the completed requirements in the build, the tests now ready to run, and the bug fixes ready to verify? Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Ultimate can help make this continuous delivery a reality. In this session, Amit will showcase the end of end experiences of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate features that enable a continuous delivery of high quality bits from development to test and from test team to production like test environments in a tightly integrated manner, eliminating common issues such as no-repro of bug, improving develop & test collaboration , and making complex environment setups a breeze.





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The Discussion

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    Bill Campbell

    Can I get a description of how Amit has his laptop set up? Is he dual booting Win7/Server2008R2 or does he just have the Server OS installed? I'm trying to figure out how to set up a similar example using the downloadable VHD.
    Also - are the slides for this presentation available?
    Great Presentation!!

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    Bill Campbell (Bill44077)

    Just thought that I'd add - it's nice to see the speaker along side the video but I have downloaded the high quality WMV and although that is great for the powerpoints, I am not able to read most of the screens when the demos are being performed. I don't know if anyone had noticed that? Might be something to consider going forward.

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