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Customers could not be on every team all the time – so God created testers! (smile) As a customer proxy on the team, a tester is constantly on the lookout to evaluate if the product being shipped has the promised customer value. After all, customer value is what decides if a product is worth buying or not. Given the tester has the advantage of being on the team throughout the product cycle, she can examine the implications of a product backlog item on customer value, test working bits earlier than end users and explore the software to determine its customer value. How does the tester do all of this efficiently given the short cycle time on Agile teams? In this talk, we will walk through an entire cycle from the creation of a product backlog item to end delivery to trace how the tester can ensure customer value wins all the time. We will also look at how Visual Studio VNext helps testers do all of this using the newly built Exploratory testing tools.



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