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In this presentation, Mark gives an overview of Microsoft's cloud operating system and explain how Microsoft views the cloud computing shift to be as significant as the PC revolution. First, Mark defines "cloud" and enumerates the several types of clouds. He explains Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) app philosophy, how it differs from that of traditional server apps, and the many benefits those differences provide. Enumerating the characteristics of the cloud design point, specifically related to scalability and availability, he describes the Windows Azure service model, including concepts like update and fault domains. He concludes by discussing the different service update options and detail the recovery steps Windows Azure follows when it detects that a service or a hardware device has failed, and talk about how Windows Azure implements the "devops" model required for development of cloud services.



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The Discussion

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    Good session, very useful Big Smile

    Some times before he completes the current slide he is moving to the next slide, so little bit uneasy to remember what was in that slide !!

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