Questioning the Big Bang Theory: The Case for Incremental Change

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Many agile methodologies require dramatic change to an organization during adoption. For instance, Scrum adoption often requires a complete reorganization of the development team, regardless of current structure or corporate culture. This can sometimes lead to dramatic success, but in far too many cases the result is chaos, thrashing and failure. For many organizations, the risk is too high, so they plan to adopt agile "tomorrow, when things aren't so busy". But tomorrow never comes.

There is another way.

In response to the high failure rates of agile adoptions, organizations of all sizes have sought another path – incremental improvement. And it's working.

This presentation introduces the tools and techniques for incremental process improvement, why it works, and tips for adoption. But we'll also talk about when it doesn't work -- because incremental change isn't always the right fit.

To wrap up, we'll walk through the organization and cultural patterns that lend themselves to incremental change, and those that lend themselves to radical change. You'll walk away with an idea of where your organization fits, and what path to agile adoption that you should take.



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