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The deployment pipeline is an automated representation of the process followed to build and deliver software. TFS is flexible enough to hold different workflows for this pipeline, although, out of the box, it does not mirror the way the pipeline is expected to be set up for continuous delivery. But, with some adjustments this can be achieved. This session shows guidelines and strategies about how to set up a continuous integration deployment pipeline using TFS and related tools. During the session, the following subjects will be addressed:

  • Making sure that the deployment pipeline practices are in place
  • Supporting the different stages in the pipeline (commit, automated acceptance test, manual test, release, etc.) for propagating the commits, using TFS artifacts such as build definitions and custom build templates
  • The set of tools that can be useful to perform the activities involved in each stage (building, automated and manual testing of different kinds, environment set up, deployment, etc.), and how these tools are used or invoked within the pipeline
  • How to use the reporting capabilities of TFS to show a commit status matrix, or how any change (commit) is propagating through the different stages of the pipeline, and the overall status of the pipeline







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