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Software is everywhere, running everything. No matter what industry, a business's ability to innovate is increasingly tied with its aptitude to build and release differentiating software.

Software developers, the people responsible for this world changing software, are increasingly becoming empowered, making decisions about what tools they use, how they work and even what devices they work on. But if software is now so important to the business, its management may even be more critical. ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is the discipline that describes the application of business management to the practice of software development from idea to delivery. Empowered developers, or developer popularism enforces a fundamental change to ALM. Changing it from a single process, single tool based model to something more complex. In this guest view, Mik & Dave will describe why developer popularism is happening, what that means to developers, and how developers need to engage with their management and other constituents in the software value chain to ensure that ALM continues to work. If successful, we have the opportunity to reach a nirvana state: allowing management oversight with developer freedom.





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